• Why Wealth Management?
    • We are independent advisors that work in a conflict-free environment providing holistic, customized solutions for each and every one of our clients. Since we do not sell proprietary products or have “preferred” products, our clients can rest assured that they are receiving experienced and unbiased guidance. In addition, our thorough, comprehensive approach mandates that we not only take time to fully understand your current state as well as Your Desired State, but also utilize a team of experienced professionals. By applying our industry expertise, exercising due diligence and providing personal attention, we demonstrate to each and every client how much we value them.


  • How do I know if what I’m doing can be improved?
    • The best way to determine if you are on the right road or need to change direction is have Wealth Management conduct a thorough portfolio review. We will take whatever time is required to understand where you are now and where you want to go. Whether you are an emerging entrepreneur looking for guidance and advice or an individual with a large portfolio and significant accumulation of assets in search of further growth and management, we will customize our service to your specific needs. Our comprehensive approach looks at everything from asset performance to diversification to fee structures and costs – all in the context of helping you achieve Your Desired State in the shortest timeframe. Contact us today to inquire about a portfolio review.


  • I am already using an investment advisor, so if I decide to change, how hard is it to switch?
    • It is a lot easier than you think. As the fastest-growing wealth management firm in Arizona, we frequently move a client’s investments and assets. We often move an entire portfolio exactly as is. In other circumstances, we may make changes but always with great sensitivity to your capital gains status. In some cases, we are able to replace your current investment advisor and manage the investments in their current location. It is a process, but we will guide and direct you along the way. Our extensive experience helps us to eliminate any friction or unnecessary expense, which makes moving your portfolio into our care a smooth and worry-free process.


  • What do you charge?
    • What we charge depends on a variety of factors. Our fee structure considers your situation, the complexity of your financial holdings and the services you require. We do not charge for initial meetings during which we’ll discuss your unique circumstances and what would be involved for us to partner with you. Whatever your situation, we will identify all associated costs so there are no surprises. If you are interested in seeing what we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • What advantages do you offer over large national financial services firms?
    • The primary advantage is our independence, though that has numerous and significant implications. For example, many national firms have “preferred” products and services from which they earn higher compensation based on contractual agreements or marketing arrangements. As you can imagine, this can be far more beneficial to them than their clients. Our relationships – and our loyalties – lie only with our clients. We have no proprietary products to sell or preferred services to offer. We have the freedom to pick and choose the solutions that serve your best interests, regardless of affiliation. This means that a client’s individual strategy will be based solely on their needs. Another advantage is the unbiased assessments you will get from us as part of our due diligence of investment providers. Unlike advisors at large firms, we’re not limited by sales goals or quotas. We always take an objective and incisive look at what we recommend because the only relationship we have is the one with our client.

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